Nanocyl announces product name changes

Nanocyl announces product name changes to ease visibility and improve customer communication. The products themselves do not change. As per April 1st 2015, product names in the following range of products will be simplified: EPOCYL™, THERMOCYL™, SIZICYL™. EPOCYL™ is an industrial range of masterbatch based on liquid bisphenol-A (Bis-A) epoxy resin containing high concentration of carbon nanotubes (CNT). EPOCYL™ XC R 128-06 enhances the mechanical properties (especially delamination resistance) of fiber reinforced composite materials. It features easy integration and great flexibility in design of new multifunctional materials. The product name will be simplified to EPOCYL™ 128-06. EPOCYL™ XC E 128-05...

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