Mission & Vision

Nanocyl SA is the industrial multiwall carbon nanotube expert.

We are a worldwide industry leader in the development, manufacturing and sales of multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) and MWCNT based formulated products.

We are a Responsible company with the leading Health, Safety and Environmental standards to ensure safe handling and use of our materials. We are the leader of our MWCNT REACH dossier and a positioned leader to the 100-1000 mt production range.

Our mission is to support our customers’ growth with top of the class industrial MWCNT, MWCNT formulated products and sustainable long-term performance solutions.

Our industrial strategy is to focus on the current challenges of the Energy, Transport and Electronic markets, while developing novel durable solutions for the Rubber market. We will do so by delivering high quality MWCNT, MWCNT formulated products and providing unique technical support worldwide.


Nanocyl SA was founded in 2002 in Belgium and has been one of the pioneers in the manufacturing of industrial multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNT).

Sales & Markets history highlights

We seek to find and solve the markets needs in the transport, electronics, energy and industrial solutions sectors and to develop appropriate novel products.


  • In twenty years, from the laboratory to industrialization, our company developed know-how, products of undisputable quality and technology innovations. This was a great achievement to celebrate. It is with a great pleasure, that we organized our 20th anniversary celebration with our long-term partners this June. This took place on the Vacherie site, where our valued products are exported in Europe and all over the world. The teams are dedicated to push forward and to expand the conditions of success.


  • This February 2017, Nanocyl celebrates its 15 years anniversary of global MWCNT production leadership and introduces 5 colorful time stamps to commemorate the event.

Logo-15 years


  •  First commercial developments in rubber goods.


  • First sales in lithium-ion batteries.
  • Launch of ORGACYL™ NMP0501 (NMP/CNT concentrate).


  • First sales in structural composites (carbon/glass fibers reinforced polymers).


  • Launch of the EPOCYL™ range of products (epoxy resins/carbon nanotubes concentrates).
  • Launch of the THERMOCYL™ range of products (silicone based flame retardant coatings).
  • Launch of the BIOCYL™ range of products (marine fouling release coatings).
  • Launch of the AQUACYL™ range of products (waterborne dispersions).


  • First commercial use of MWCNT NC7000™ in the Automotive sector.


  • Launch of the PLASTICYL™ range of products (thermoplastic/carbon nanotubes masterbatches).


  • First commercial use of MWCNT NC7000™ in the Electronics sector.


  • Nanocyl receives a contract to develop printing material for Flat Screens.

Production and infrastructures history highlights

Nanocyl is a dynamic company and its infrastructure and production facilities have continuously evolved over time.


  • New industrial units, MWCNT NC7000™ annual capacity extended to 460 metric tons. 
  • First sales in structural composites (carbon/glass fibers reinforced polymers).


  • Inauguration of thermoplastics compounding units (PLASTICYL™) of 3500 metric tons.


  • Industrial building construction and inauguration of the first industrial multi-ton reactor (annual capacity of 60 metric tons).


  • Nanocyl moves from the lab phase to the industrial phase for CNT production.


  • Demonstration of industrial production feasibility.
  • Nanocyl invests human and financial capital to achieve ISO 9001 certification and meet global industrial standards for quality control.


  • Investment is made in a carbon nanotubes pilot plant to validate Nanocyl’s previous work, and to assess its ability to shift to an industrial production scale.


  • Nanocyl is founded as a spin-off from the Universities of Namur and Liège by Professor B.Nagy and Professor Pirard with the support of private investors.