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NC7000 information: new box dimensions and pallets (CP3)

In a continuous effort to improve benefits to our customers, please be informed that as of Summer 2016 or sooner for some customers, Nanocyl will replace the “60 kg pallet” based on 2.5 kg box packaging with a “90 kg pallet” still based on the 2.5 kg boxes. This is a small step change that can benefit our customers in freight cost, handling and warehousing.

The attached flyer highlights the changes. A slightly larger pallet and slightly smaller boxes (with the same 2.5kg PE bag) will deliver a 36 boxes pallet weighing 90 kg instead of 60kg. Hence a gain of 50% weight on the pallet.

We will therefore reach a maximum CNT weight for the 40’ container of 1800 kg (90 * 20 pallets) instead of 1440 kg (60*24 pallets).

More details are available here: Packaging_shipping_NewConditions_NC7000

More details about the new CP3 pallets can be found here: inka_F11_TDS

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