Nanocyl announces an executive management change

Nanocyl announces an executive management change. As per May 1st 2014, Mr. Laurent Kosbach will take over the CEO position. He will have the responsibility to bring the company to the next level of its industrial development.

Nanocyl is an industrial leader in the carbon nanotube industry. The company is at a turning point. It has growing sales and a large portfolio related to large volume applications, short, medium and long term. The next 3 years will transform the industry and economies of scale will play a major role. The company has been actively developing industrial partnerships and will continue to seek industrial and commercial synergies when required.

Mr. Kosbach’s expertise and skills are to drive the company’s profit and thoroughly prepare the company to this future.

Mr. Laurent Kosbach has a long marketing and industrial experience in the specialty chemical world. After almost 20 years of marketing & sales practice in the European chemical business, he joined Nanocyl 1.5 years ago as Strategic Marketing & Commercial Director.

After more than 9 years of industrial and technology development success, Mr. Francis Massin will switch from its current position to “Industrialization Expert” to support the manufacturing group and specific customer related projects. He transformed the research group into a world leading carbon nanotube start-up.

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