Human population and its associated needs are continuously growing even as a faster rate since the beginning of the 20th Century. Quality of life has also mostly increased almost everywhere in the world at different speeds. This brings a huge pressure on all types of resources (agricultural, metals, raw materials, etc.). One way to compensate higher demands in resources is to provide more long-lasting materials.

NC7000™ carbon nanotubes and NC7000™ formulated products push materials to new limits of performances allowing new more sustainable products to emerge. Use of carbon nanotubes contribute indirectly to: 

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Save use of raw materials and energy (durability)

NC7000™ extends the creep/fatigue resistance of the material (particularly in thermosets) contributing to lengthen the life of the product. For example, a truck tire will last 80.000 km instead of 40.000 km. The rubber material is therefore more efficiently used and contributing to a lower impact on environment (less waste, etc.).

Reduce CO2 emissions

NC7000™ induces in many applications a CO2 reduction following different patterns:

  1. Weight reduction of the component (especially in transport industries). NC7000™ improves mechanical performances of structural composites pushing the replacement of metals by those lightweight materials. NC7000™ brings electrical conductivity to thermoplastics pushing as well the replacements of metal parts  which are much heavier (e.g. automotive fuel lines, etc.).
  2. Improvement of current energy storage. NC7000™ is used to improve Li-ion batteries, flow batteries and other energy recovery systems. This in return allows to store more energy from the renewable energy production systems (such as wind mills, solar panels, etc.) and flatten the non-continuous renewable energy production allowing to slip away slightly from coil and gas energy production.
  3. Future energy harvesters. NC7000™ is used in the development of affordable and flexible thermoelectric/piezoelectric devices, organic solar cells and heating fluids for solar panels.

Replace toxic compounds

  1. NC7000™ and combination with other non-halogenated flame retardants allows the creation of halogen-free materials with multifunctional properties (flame retardancy, electrical conductivity, better mechanical properties).
  2. BIOCYL™ is an eco-friendly easy fouling release system used in underwater coating applications, such as ship hulls, oil rigs, and underwater intake valves. The fouling protection does not come from the toxicity of the coating, but from the BIOCYL™ nanostructuring of top coating surface in interaction with the silicone material.