Multiwall carbon nanotube (MWCNT) HIPS masterbatch

  • 10%
    CNT Loading : (wt.%)
  • Pellet
  • White plastic bag

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Sector(s) Electronic Packaging
Energy Storage
Industrial - ESD parts
Material(s) Thermoplastics
Matrix HIPS (High Impact PolyStyrene)
Propertie(s) Electrical dissipation
Electrical conduction
Mechanical retention
3D Printing
CNT Loading (wt.%) 10
Packaging(s) White plastic bag
Shape(s) Pellet
Technical Data Sheet PLASTICYL™ HIPS1001 – Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet PLASTICYL™ HIPS1001 – Safety Data Sheet


PLASTICYL is a family of multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) thermoplastic concentrates for applications requiring superior electrical conductivity and electrostatic discharge (ESD) properties.

PLASTICYL HIPS1001 is a conductive masterbatch based on high impact polystyrene. Because of its low viscosity and high flow formulation, PLASTICYL HIPS1001 is ideal for standard injection molding and extrusion processes.

Key Applications

  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and electrically conductive parts
  • Electrical and Electronics (E&E) and industrial
  • Injection molding, sheet extrusion
  • Electronic packaging


  • Excellent electrical conductivity at low loading
  • Retention of key mechanical properties
  • Ease of processing
  • High cleanliness
  • Low sloughing