EPOCYL™ 128-05

CNT Bis-A epoxy resin concentrate for electrical performances

  • Liquid
  • Metallic drum

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Family EPOCYL™
Sector(s) Aeronautic
Electronic Packaging
Industrial - ESD parts
Material(s) Thermosets
CFRP composites
Matrix Bisphenol A epoxy resin
Propertie(s) Electrical conduction
Electrical dissipation
Crack resistance
CNT Loading (wt.%) N/A
Packaging(s) Metallic drum
Shape(s) Liquid
Technical Data Sheet EPOCYL™ 128-05 – Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet EPOCYL™ 128-05 – Safety Data Sheet


EPOCYL™ 128-05 is a Master Batch based on liquid Bisphenol-A (Bis-A) epoxy resin containing high concentration of Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) produced by Nanocyl. It is specifically developed for solvent based formulations to enhance the electrical conductivity of final epoxy formulations. Special features include easy integration and great flexibility in processing. Dilution factor has to be calculated accordingly to the desired level of conductivity.

Key applications

  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) coatings, linings (tanks, rollers, …) and composites
  • Conductive primers
  • Resistive inks
  • Adhesives for dissimilar materials in electronics


  • Limited impact on base resin mechanical and thermo-mechanical properties
  • Ease of formulation
  • Lead-free alternative