NC2150™ – Inventory clearance

Research grades - short DWCNT 90+%C purity

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    Bottle with a cap

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Family Research grades
Sector(s) Sensors
Electronic Packaging
Material(s) Carbon nanotubes
Matrix N/A
Propertie(s) Electrical conduction
CNT Loading (wt.%) N/A
Packaging(s) Bottle with a cap
Shape(s) Powder
PDF Technical Data Sheet - NC2150-V05
Safety Data Sheet NC2150-V09

NC2150™ series double-wall carbon nanotubes are produced via the Catalytic Chemical Vapor Deposition (CCVD) process. Nanotubes which exit the reactor are then purified to greater than 90% carbon. Finally, length is shortened by a post-treatment. These products are available in 1 g to 100 g order quantities. A primary interest is in applications requiring surface chemistry characteristics and ease of dispersability.