Multiwall carbon nanotube dispersion in Vinyl-terminated Silicone

  • 10%
    CNT Loading : (wt.%)
  • solidcylinder
  • cardboard

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Sector(s) Industrial - ESD parts
Material(s) Elastomers
Matrix HTV silicone
Propertie(s) Electrical dissipation
CNT Loading (wt.%) 10
Packaging(s) Cardboard
Shape(s) rods
PDF Technical Data Sheet - TDS ELASTOCYL HTV1001-V04
Safety Data Sheet ELASTOCYL HTV 1001-V02

ELASTOCYL™ HTV1001 is a 10 wt% CNT dispersion in Vinyl-terminated Silicone polymer and has been specifically designed for extrusion and compression molded of HTV/HCR compounds. It provides full compatibility, high anti-static performance, high tinting power and functional dispersions into the silicone elastomer matrix. As shown below the anti-static and conductive performances in silicone compounds at very low dosing levels are outperforming the conductive carbon black dispersions. The additional benefit is a large flexibility of the compound formulations that can be adjusted to other properties while maintaining high conductivity. Dosing levels of ELASTOCYL™ HTV1001 tend not to exceed 50% in silicone compounds.