Fouling release coatings

  • liquid
  • drum
    Metallic drum

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Family BIOCYL™
Sector(s) Marine
Material(s) Thermosets
Matrix Liquid silicone
Propertie(s) Fouling release
CNT Loading (wt.%) N/A
Packaging(s) Metallic drum
Shape(s) Liquid
PDF Safety Data Sheet - BIOCYL X1-V02

BIOCYL™ X1 is a concentrate range exhibiting exceptional fouling release properties, thanks to the incorporation of carbon nanotubes in a thermoset matrix. It is specially developed to enhance easy to clean properties by induction of surface morphology in contact of water. The dilution factor has to be between 3 and 5.

Master batch to incorporate in Fouling release topcoat to protect a wide range of different substrates.