Halogen-free flame retardant products thanks to NC7000™

The project DEROCA has demonstrated that industrial multiwall carbon nanotubes NC7000™ are an effective synergist with other common flame retardants additives to produce flame retardant halogen-free multifunctional products. Discover the summary of the main achievements of the project DEROCA so far inside the magazine International Innovation. The project DEROCA which stands for "Development of safe and eco-friendly materials based on CNT-coadditives for commodity polymers" is a collaborative project coordinated by Nanocyl SA and supported by DG RTD of the European Commission. Halogenated flame retardant additives are commonly used because of their low impact in other material properties and the low...

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Nanocyl announces today that it has broadened its portofolio with one new product: ELASTOCYL™ HTV1001. ELASTOCYL™ is Nanocyl® trade name for a product range of Multiwall carbon Nanotubes elastomeric dispersions for applications requiring high performances. ELASTOCYL™ HTV1001 is a Nanocyl® 10 wt% CNT dispersion in Vinyl-terminated Silicone polymer has been specifically designed for extrusion and compression molded of HTV/HCR compounds. It provides full compatibility, high anti-static performance, high tinting power and functional dispersions into the silicone elastomer matrix. For additional information, please contact our technical support team .

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Nanocyl announces product name changes

Nanocyl announces product name changes to ease visibility and improve customer communication. The products themselves do not change. As per April 1st 2015, product names in the following range of products will be simplified: EPOCYL™, THERMOCYL™, SIZICYL™. EPOCYL™ is an industrial range of masterbatch based on liquid bisphenol-A (Bis-A) epoxy resin containing high concentration of carbon nanotubes (CNT). EPOCYL™ XC R 128-06 enhances the mechanical properties (especially delamination resistance) of fiber reinforced composite materials. It features easy integration and great flexibility in design of new multifunctional materials. The product name will be simplified to EPOCYL™ 128-06. EPOCYL™ XC E 128-05...

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