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Nanocyl™ NC 7000 Thin Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes



Nanocyl™ NC 7000 is the name of Nanocyl’s innovative Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes.


These carbon nanotubes are unique and prized world-wide because their small size and high aspect ratio (>150) lets them form a network of conductivity at a very low concentration.


The Nanocyl™ NC 7000 series is produced in multi-tons, via the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) process.


During their production, Nanocyl uses exclusive catalysts that make the Nanocyl™ NC7000 the most electrically conductive carbon nanotubes available today. NC7000 carbon nanotubes have one of the most perfect chemical surfaces enabling high efficiency in the matrix in which they’re embedded.

Click here to download NC7000 Technical Datasheet


Percolation Curve of Nanocyl NC 7000 in Polycarbonate:


NB: Electrical resistivity measurement in accordance to CTM E043 and CTM E402 (Cabot Testing Method), on standard injection molded IZOD specimens, processed according to parameters provided before (General Processing Guide for Injection Molding).


Nanocyl’s Carbon Nanotube Technologies are also available as masterbatches (PLASTICYL™), epoxy resins (EPOCYL™), silicones (THERMOCYL™, ELASTOCYL™, BIOCYL™) and aqueous dispersions (AQUACYL™).