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BIOCYL™ is Nanocyl’s trade name for a range of eco-friendly, fouling release paints designed for all major marine coating applications, such as ship hulls, oil rigs, and underwater intake valves.


BIOCYL’s unique nanostructure, based on silicone resins containing multi-wall carbon nanotubes, prevents common marine organisms from adhering to coated surfaces. This means barnacles and ulva will drop off BIOCYL-coated surfaces as soon as there is a water flow or disturbance equal to a ship moving at 4 knots or more.


In contrast with the current coatings used for marine applications, BIOCYL™ is non-toxic. The anti-fouling properties are not caused by the toxicity of the coating, but instead come from the nanostructure of the BIOCYL coating surface.


Field trials have also confirmed that BIOCYL’s performance is even better in many cases than the performance of current toxic anti-fouling technologies.

However, it is important to note that the performance of BIOCYL™ is dependent on Nanocyl’s proprietary dispersion technique and selection of primers. Using this methodology properly will help achieve perfect adhesion to substrates, and the best fouling release results.




Fouling Release Marine Coatings

Grade Name Type of Paint
BIOCYL™ XC 112 Sprayable
BIOCYL™ XC 113 Brushable