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BIOCYL™ is Nanocyl’s trade name for a range of multi-wall carbon nanotubes liquid dispersions based on silicone resins. It has been designed for eco-friendly easy fouling release systems in major marine coating applications, such as ship hulls, oil rigs, and underwater intake valves.


BIOCYL™ is produced with a unique and patented proprietary dispersion technology.


For optimal performances, BIOCYL™ is best used in blends with silicone based formulations (silicone, silicone-epoxy, etc.) to achieve non-toxic top-coat fouling release paints. BIOCYL™ proportion in the blend depends upon the final use and paint formulation. However, positive results have been demonstrated with as low as at 10wt% of BIOCYL™ in the final formulation.


BIOCYL™ is non-toxic. This is contrasting with the most marketed coatings used for marine applications. The fouling protection does not come from the toxicity of the coating, but from the BIOCYL nanostructuring of top coating surface in interaction with the silicone material. BIOCYL’s unique nanostructure prevents common marine organisms from anchoring to the coated surfaces with strength. This means for example that barnacles will be removed from BIOCYL-coated surfaces as soon as a water flow or disturbance equal to a ship moving at 4 knots or more. This also greatly impact manual cleaning processes.


Field trials confirmed that the fouling cleaning performance of BIOCYL based top-coat is equivalent to the best currently used solutions of the market.


However, note that the performance of BIOCYL™ is dependent upon the selection of marine coating system (including primer and mid-coat) and the coating system blended with BIOCYL. BIOCYL™ is designed for permanent silicone based systems (silicone, silicone-epoxy, etc.). According to our customers’ experiences, the choice of the appropriate coating system and the use of BIOCYL™ will provide perfect adhesion to substrates, best fouling release results and a low environmental impact on marine or water ecosystems.


For additional technical information about BIOCYL™, don’t hesitate to contact us.